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Shopping Early at JBF

There are many ways to shop early at the JBF sale, but even if you are unable to join us early, the deals are still amazing on our Public Shopping Days.

Team Memberss Shop First

4 hours is all it takes for you or a family member or friend to help out so you can shop early.  The more you help, the earlier you shop.  Being a Team Member is easy and fun and you will love avoiding the crowds when you shop early.

The online Team Member Scheduler is open mid July through 8/26/19 at 10 am.  If you miss the online signup time and want to help out and you are a consignor, you can sign up for a Team Member shift at Consignor Drop Off.  If you are not a consignor and want to help, email FtWorthVol@jbfsale.com and let us know when you would like to help out and we will see what we can work out.  Please note this email is only monitored during the sale.  If you have a question outside of that time frame, please contact Joanie@jbfsale.com.

CLICK HERE for more Team Member Details

CLICK HERE to see all of the Team Member Perks

Consignors and PTA Partners Shop Second

Each consignor receives one Consignor Pass and one Consignor Guest Pass as well as one 1/2 Price Consignor Presale Pass and one 1/2 Price Guest Presale Pass.  If they are able to help out at the sale, they exchange their Consignor Pass and their 1/2 Price Presale Pass for earlier passes.  Details about dates and times as well as information on how to become a consignor are on the Consignor Details webpage.

The Consignor Details webpage explains how the PTA Partner program works.  What a great way to not only help your school by selling items on behalf of the school, but also a portion of one of the day's profits is given back to the school.  It's a double-win!  Why not help your school raise money in this simple and fun way!


Public Shopping Time Has Arrived

We are open for public shopping for 3 days.  The first day has an admission price that reduces half-way through the day.  Don't miss the Discount Coupon available online.  The second day is our $3 admission day, but the online Discount Coupon makes admission FREE!  The Discount Coupon can be accessed through the Get Tickets link on the Event Details webpage.  The last day is FREE admission, with the exception of the Premium and Prime Time 1/2 Price Sale.  See the Event Details webpage for times.  Children under 18 years old are always free.  More details on the public days are found on the Schedule on the Event Details webpage.

First Time Parents and First Time Grandparents Get Their Turn

Details below about how we like to honor our First Time Parents and Grandparents.  This is a fun time for them to shop all of the wonderful and fun equipment and clothing for their first child or grandchild.

Time to Honor our Teachers and School Administrators

If you are a teacher, home-educator, or school administrator/staff member, we have a special shopping time for you.  We know you can find lots of great things for your family as well as for your school or classroom.  Details below.

Early Shopping Schedule

Thursday, August 29, 2019
4 pm - 20 Hour Team Member Presale - Pass required
5 pm - 16 Hour Team Member Presale - Pass required
6:30 pm - 12 Hour Team Member Presale - Pass required
7:30 pm – 8 Hour Team Member Presale - Pass required
10 pm – Doors close.  (Registers close ASAP after 10 pm)

Children and Strollers are not allowed at any of these Presales.  We will allow infants, but they must be carried by you or "on you" in a sling/carrier.  Car seat infant carriers are not allowed during the Presales.

Friday, August 30, 2019
3 pm - 4 Hour Breakdown Team Member Presale (must work a shift classified as a Breakdown Shift - designation is on the on the Team Member Scheduler) - Pass required
5 pm - 4 Hour Team Member Presale (for 4 Hour Team Members not working a Breakdown Shift) - Pass required
6:30 pm - Consignor & Guest Presale (Includes Team Member Guests) - Pass required
6:30 pm - PTA Partner Presale - Pass required
7 pm – Social Media Partner Presale (children allowed) - Pass required
7 pm - Family Shopping Presale - Pass required for each adult
(The Family Shopping Presale is for any Team Member or Consignor who was unable to shop at their earlier, designated Presale time without their children.  A Presale Pass is required for each adult.)
10 pm – Doors close (Registers close ASAP after 10 pm)

Children and Strollers are not allowed at any of these Presales except the 7 pm Social Media Partner Presale and the 7 pm Family Shopping Presale.  Before then we will allow infants, but they must be carried by you or "on you" in a sling/carrier.  Car seat infant carriers are not allowed during the early Presales but are allowed beginning at 7 pm.

PUBLIC SHOPPING - 8/31/19, 9/1/19, and 9/7/19 (See Event Details webpage for all Public Shopping Dates/Times)


1/2 Price Presale Shopping on Friday, September 6, 2019
4 pm - 20 Hour Team Member 1/2 Price Presale - Pass required
4:30 pm - 1/2 Price Team Member Presale for 16 Hour, 12 Hour, and 8 Hour Team Memberss - Pass required
5 pm – 1/2 Price Team Member Presale for 4 Hour Volunteers - Pass required
6 pm – 1/2 Price Presale for Consignors (those who were unable to help at the sale) and Consignor/Team Member Guests - Pass required
6:30 pm – 1/2 Price Presale for registered First Time Parents, First Time Grandparents, and Guests - Pass required
10 pm – Doors close for 1/2 Price Presale shopping.  (Registers close ASAP after 10 pm.)

Children and Strollers ARE allowed all day.


First Time Parents and Grandparents

JBF loves Parents and Grandparents, especially First Timers who are so excited about the new addition to their family!  We want to do something special for you with a special sale time. 

Please note that registration for the First Time Parent/Grandparent Sale is open until we reach 100 participants!  Registration is FREE and is accomplished by clicking the "Login" button top right of the website.  You must complete the signup process and check the box for "First Time Parent/Grandparent".  If you miss the deadline, please check our Full Sale Schedule on the Event Details webpage to see the times that we are open to the public.

Saturday, 8/31/19
Noon to 7 pm
FREE Admission for those registered who meet the qualifications
(See note above about how to register)

Friday, September 6, 2019
6:30 pm to 10 pm
FREE/EARLY Admission for those registered who meet the qualifications.  The 1/2 Price Presale Passes for First Time Parents/Grandparents will be distributed on 8/31/19.  If you registered but were unble to shop on 8/31/19, you may join us this day and this will count as your one time to shop early for the First Time Parent or Grandparent Sale.  (See note above about how to register.)


This is one of the most exciting times of the sale.  Our first time parents and grandparents register and shop this FUN sale, getting tons of things they need for their new baby or grandbaby, saving hundreds of dollars.

Because of the popularity of the First Time Parent/Grandparent Sale, there are some requirements for this event:

  1. You may only attend the JBF Fort Worth First Time Parent/Grandparent Sale or 1/2 Price Presale one time.  In other words, if you joined us last sale, you may not shop this special sale again.  We will be checking ID's against the list of those who registered and who have shopped before.
  2. To qualify, you must be expecting your first child/grandchild or your first child/grandchild must be 12 months or younger.  If you are an adoptive parent/grandparent waiting for your adoption of your first child/grandchild to come through, you also qualify!  Foster parents also qualify, but they must register.
  3. Each registered First Time Parent or Grandparent is allowed to bring one guest with them for free.  The Guest does not need to register.  Additional Guests may enter the sale on 8/31/19 with them but the admission for the extra Guest is $5/person, payable at the door.  The discount coupon has already been applied to this admission price.  Please note that on 9/6/19 at the 1/2 Price Presale for registered First Time Parents and Guests, there is not an option to bring more than one guest per registered person.  
  4. When we hit 100 signups, the registration will close and it will be noted here.  We are unable to make exceptions.

You will receive your Passes when you come to the event and check in at the purple table in the Concourse of the Exhibit Hall. You may line up as early as you like but please note that Will Rogers has very few places to sit in the Concourse of the Exhibit Hall while you wait in line.


Teacher & School Administrators

We want to honor our teachers, home educators, and school administrators/staff with a special shopping time.

Teacher and School Administrator/Staff Shopping
Saturday, 8/31/19
4 pm to 7 pm
Free Admission but Pass required (See details below)

This shopping time is on our first day open to the public.  Passes to area schools will be distributed upon request.  Email Joanie@jbfsale.com to request passes by 8/27/19.  We will not be able to fill any requests after that date/time.

Be sure to share this with your teacher friends.  JBF is not only a great place to buy things for your family but a great place to stock up on things for your classroom.



Joanie Morrison, Owner
PO Box 330878, FW, 76163
Team Manager

Just Between Friends Fort Worth began in 2003 just before my son was born, so I've been in your shoes and know how important it is to shop smart for the children in your life.

I am here to help YOU make and save money with JBF, while we help our community by keeping extra packaging and waste out of our landfills.  That's what I call a winning combination.

I hope you will be part of the #JBF817 Team!