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JBF is committed to continuing our 17 year record of serving families in Fort Worth and surrounding communities. We are here to help our JBF Family safely sell items and safely purchase items, doing what we can to help our recovering economy while staying healthy. We will adjust our sale to operate like an essential retail store. For more information on what we are doing, please CLICK HERE for our Safety Plan.


Anyone can sell and EVERYONE can shop (and save) with Just Between Friends! The JBF sale in Fort Worth is one of the largest sales in the area and we want YOU to join us. We will do our best to help you get everything you need and want for your growing children.

Team Members shop first (the more you help out, the earlier you shop), then Consignors (sellers), then we Open to the Public. There are several different ways to shop early, so read on for details.

The sale is open to the public on Friday night, 8/21, Saturday, 8/22, Sunday, 8/23, then we close down for 4 days and open back up on Friday, 8/28, and Saturday, 8/29.  Sale hours are outlined below. Get your FREE TICKET HERE!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to time and space constraints, we do not allow children to attend any Presale on 8/20/20 or on 8/21/20 before 4 pm. Infants who can be worn "on" mom or dad are OK at Presales. Please, no strollers or car seat carriers before 4 pm on 8/21.

***Due to COVID-19 and the safety of our little ones, we ask that this sale be adult shopping only, whenever possible.  We understand this is not always possible.  Strollers are always welcomed at public sale times.


The Fall 2020 Online Team Member Schedule opens in mid-July and will remain open until Sunday, 8/16/20 at Noon.  Sign up to be a Team Member during this time.  If you miss the cutoff time, you may email TeamJBF817@jbfsale.com or sign up at Consignor Drop Off.

It takes a small army of moms and dads to put on a sale. Helping at the sale directly contributes to the success of the sale AND is the easiest way to maximize your profits and savings.

Team Members earn an extra 10% on sold items for helping out a total of 4 hours PLUS you shop first! The more you work, the earlier you shop.

Look for EXTRA CREDIT shifts on the schedule where you might double your credits and shop even earlier or you might work a 3 hour shift but still receive 4 hours credit.

Thursday, August 20, 2020 | Presale Schedule (Pass required)

4 pm - 10 pm - 20 Hour Team Member Presale
5 pm - 10 pm - 16 Hour Team Member Presale
6 pm - 10 pm - 12 Hour Team Member Presale
6:30 pm - 10 pm - Media Presale
7 pm - 10 pm - 8 Hour Team Member Presale

Friday, August 21, 2020 | Presale Schedule (Pass required before 5 pm)

10 am - 9 pm - 4 Hour Team Member Presale
1 pm - 9 pm - Consignor, Consignor Guest, Team Member Guest Presale
4 pm - 9 pm - Family Shopping Presale
5 pm - 9 pm - Public Shopping begins - see details on "Sale Details" page

PLEASE NOTE: You are welcome to enter any time AFTER your designated time. All Presale Passes will be distributed at Consignor Drop Off or at the purple-draped table at the sale entrance.

Friday, August 28, 2020 | 1/2 Price Presale Schedule (Pass required)

4:30 pm - 10 pm - 20 Hour Team Member 1/2 Price Presale
5 pm - 10 pm - 16, 12, and 8 Hour Team Member 1/2 Price Presale
6 pm - 10 pm - 4 Hour Team Member 1/2 Price Presale
6:30 pm - 10 pm - Consignor, Consignor Guest, Team Member Guest 1/2 Price Presale
6:30 pm - 10 pm - 2nd Drop Off Consignor and Guest Presale (this is for Consignors who did their first dropping off on 8/22/20)
7 pm - 10 pm - First Time Parent/Grandparent and Guest 1/2 Price Presale

CLICK HERE to see more Team Member Details including details on how to shop the AMAZING 75% Off Super Saver Shopping Time!



JBF loves Parents and Grandparents, especially first-timers who are so excited about the new addition to their family!  We want to do something special for you with a special sale time where you can get tons of things for the new baby or grandbaby.

Please note that registration for the First Time Parent/Grandparent Sale is open until 8/20/20 or until we reach 100 participants!  Registration is FREE and is accomplished by clicking the "Login" button top right of the website.  You must complete the signup process and check the box for "First Time Parent/Grandparent".  If you miss the deadline, please check to see when we are open to the public.

Saturday, August 22, 2020 | First Time Parent/Grandparent Sale (Free Admission for those who registered who meet the qualifications listed below.)

11 am - 6 pm

Friday, August 28, 2020 | First Time Parent/Grandparent 1/2 Price Presale (Pass Required - Passes will be distributed on 8/22/20.)

7 pm - 10 pm

Because of the popularity of the First Time Parent/Grandparent Sale, there are some requirements for this event:

  1. You may only attend the JBF Fort Worth First Time Parent/Grandparent Sale or 1/2 Price Presale one time.
  2. To qualify, you must be expecting your first child/grandchild or your first child/grandchild must be 12 months or younger.  If you are an adoptive parent/grandparent waiting for your adoption of your first child/grandchild to come through, you also qualify!  Foster parents also qualify, but they must register.
  3. Each registered First Time Parent or Grandparent is allowed to bring TWO guests with them for free.  The Guests do not need to register.  Additional Guests may enter the sale on 8/22/20 with them but the admission for the extra Guest is $5/person, payable at the door.  Please note that at the 1/2 Price Presale for registered First Time Parents and Guests, there is not an option to bring more than two guests per registered person.  
  4. When we hit 100 signups, or we reach 8/20/20, the registration will close.  We are unable to make exceptions.

You will receive your Passes when you come to the event and check in at the purple table at the front door.


JBF loves Teachers and wants to honor our teachers, home educators, and school administrators/staff with a special shopping time.

Saturday, August 22, 2020 | Teacher/School Administrator/Staff Shopping (Pass Required - Details below)

3 pm - 6 pm

This shopping time is on our first full day open to the public.  Email Joanie@jbfsale.com to request passes by 8/20/20.  We will not be able to fill any requests after that date/time.

Be sure to share this with your teacher friends.  JBF is not only a great place to buy things for your family but a great place to stock up on things for your classroom.



This is one event you cannot afford to miss! Everyone is invited to shop the Just Between Friends sale in Fort Worth. For your convenience, we accept cash, VISA, M/C, Discover, and AMEX. Shopping bags are available for your use (due to COVID safety concerns, please bring your own shopping bags if possible) and we have a Hold Area if your arms get full. Strollers are welcomed all public sale days. 

***Please CLICK HERE for more information on JBF Safety during COVID-19. This document contains important details about how things are being done differently at this sale.***

Public Sale Hours

Friday, August 21, 2020  |  5 pm - 9 pm (All tickets sold at the door)
     5 pm - Premium Shopping - $15/adult under 18 FREE
     9 pm - Doors close

Saturday, August 22, 2020  |  9 am - 6 pm (All tickets sold at the door)
     9 am - Prime Time Shopping - $10/adult, under 18 Free
     1 pm - Preferred Shopping - $5/adult, under 18 Free
     6 pm - Doors close - NEW MERCHANDISE ARRIVES TONIGHT!

Sunday, August 23, 2020  | 10 am - 6 pm (All tickets sold at the door)
     Admission is $3/adult, under 18 Free

The JBF Sale is completely closed 8/24 through 8/27/20.

Friday, August 28, 2020  |  9 am - 4 pm
     Free Admission - no ticket/pass required

Saturday, August 29, 2020  |  8 am - 4 pm - 1/2 Price Day (All tickets sold at door)
     8 am - Premium 1/2 Price Shopping - $10/adult, under 18 Free
     9 am - Free Admission for 1/2 Price Shopping - no ticket/pass required
     4 pm - Doors close

     Many items are reduced 50% off the price on the tag!



Joanie Morrison, Owner
PO Box 330878, FW, 76163
Team Manager

Just Between Friends Fort Worth began in 2003 just before my son was born, so I've been in your shoes and know how important it is to shop smart for the children in your life.

I am here to help YOU make and save money with JBF, while we help our community by keeping extra packaging and waste out of our landfills.  That's what I call a winning combination.

I hope you will be part of the #JBF817 Team!