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How to Sell & MAKE Money


Register to Consign

Sign up NOW for your FREE JBF account.  Clean out your closets and cash in at our twice-a-year events.


Collect, Prep, and Tag

We will show you how to gather, price, and tag your items.  We are here to help you MAKE money!


Drop Off!

Bring your items to Drop Off & watch your sales grow.  Your check arrives about 10 days after the sale.

Sit back and enjoy clean closets and money in your pocket!


  1. Consignors sell an average of over $400 each sale.  They earn 60% on their sales and an extra 10% if they are also able to volunteer just 4 hours.
  2. There is a $15 consignor fee (plus a small handling charge), discounted to $10 if paid by 1/31/18, or discounted to $12.50 if paid from 2/1/18-2/14/18.  All fees are paid before the sale.  This fee is waived for those who volunteer 16 hours.  More details below.  CLICK HERE to pay your Consignor Fee now.
  3. All Consignors must fill out an onine Consignor Waiver (no need to print anything).  CLICK HERE  to fill out your Consignor Waiver.  MUST BE DONE before you come to Drop Off.